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Installation and daily maintenance of synthetic ice skating boards

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1. Installation requirements: Lock buckle connection splicing ice rink dedicated floor is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless; Splicing and installation are simple, only a rubber hammer is needed for construction, just like playing with a jigsaw puzzle toy; Easy to install, can be disassembled and moved multiple times.

The characteristics of assembling a synthetic ice skating rink are reflected in its easy installation and the ability to disassemble and assemble multiple times. The edges of the floor are connected by rows and pairs of locking buckles, with a simple construction process and short construction period, and can be disassembled and moved. Usually, a 400 square meter synthetic ice skating rink can be completed and put into use in just two days, without a maintenance period, and only requires some simple maintenance in the later stage. Especially suitable for venues that require moving venues in the future.

2. Ground requirements: A flat cement ground is sufficient, and the ground should not be sanded.

A synthetic ice rink is much simpler than a real ice rink, as long as it is cleaned regularly and the surface is kept clean.

The daily maintenance situation is as follows:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner or broom every day to remove dust from the ice rink. Afterwards, use a cleaning machine with a rotating disc or a powerful cleaner to perform humidity cleaning on the artificial ice rink ice surface every week. Use only neutral soap for cleaning. The maintenance of artificial ice rinks is easy, but it must be done regularly to maintain the attractiveness and good functionality of the ecological ice rinks.

2. ① Wipe with a towel;

② Use cleaning agents to clean the site;

We generally set the cleaning cycle as once a week. If the passenger flow of the venue is very high, it is recommended to do so twice or even three times a week to better protect the ice surface, maintain its characteristics, and achieve a longer service life!

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