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Know More about Synthetic Ice Hockey Tiles

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Synthetic ice hockey tiles Training AIDS allow skaters and hockey players to practice and perfect the most critical skill of all, skating!

In order to use the board properly, the user must perform stride movements that are significantly similar to those used for skating on ice.

Repeating and performing this “stride movement” of ice will allow players to develop the muscle memory needed to make the most of their on-ice skills, not to mention develop and build their muscles in the process of “it’s a hard job”.

What can the synthetic ice hockey tiles be used for?


The synthetic ice hockey tiles have many applications, some of which include:

  •  Gliding stride (sliding side/forward and backward)
  •  Paste and puck control (sliding, or standing on board/walking)
  •  Shooting (sliding practice weight transfer)
  •  Pass the ball (using a re-bounder or friend)
  •  Confrontation (using attack triangles or friends)
  •  To start quickly, eg on ice.

synthetic ice hockey tiles

 It doesn’t take much setup. Place the hockey practice board on a flat hard surface. The best material could be tile, wood or kitchen floor, but skateboards can also be used on cut-out carpets.

Overview of synthetic ice hockey tiles

 The large surface is ideal for sliding and pasting

The synthetic ice hokey tiles allows skaters and hockey players to practice some important skills

 The synthetic ice hockey tiles is easy to install and set up

 The slide and joystick are very smooth

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