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Analysis of the Development Trend of Domestic Plastic Products Industry in 2023

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China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of plastic products, and the plastics processing industry has become an important part of the national economy. Plastic products have many categories, strong industrial correlation and large market capacity. Plastics processing industry is both for industry, agriculture, water conservancy, transport, aerospace, information, construction, packaging, food, medical and other industries to provide means of production of the basic manufacturing industry, but also to provide daily consumer goods of basic means of livelihood industry. Plastic material usage growth at the same time, how to fully these waste appliances plastic waste effective recycling will become an important topic of plastics engineering. In particular, the recycling of engineering plastics will be a hot spot for future development.

In recent years with further breakthroughs in plastic materials research, modified engineering plastics material performance is becoming increasingly excellent, the application of plastic parts continue to extend, and began to aerospace, new energy, advanced manufacturing and new processing technology and other areas of extension, has an extremely broad market development space. At the same time, the plastic products industry in the smart home equipment, Internet of Things equipment and other emerging industries have gradually achieved cross-fertilisation. In the future, the downstream application fields of the plastic products industry will further promote the upstream enterprises to continue to research and development of new products to adapt to market development, which in turn will usher in greater opportunities for development of the industry.

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