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Advantages of Simulated Ice Boards

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Ice rinks are gradually becoming a new form of exercise for people.There are many advantages of simulated ice boards.

1, PELIOU skateboard: low coefficient of friction, equivalent to the friction between ice and ice. So there is absolutely no need to worry about not having a real skating experience.

2, PELIOU provides easy to install skateboards. Skating rinks use movable simulation ice skating boards without the need to make ice refrigeration equipment, greatly saving power costs.

3, PELIOU’s high quality skate board is removable and detachable. And the simulation ice skate board is maintenance free, no need to wax or oil.

4, simulation ice skating board has outstanding impact resistance, stress cracking resistance, wear resistance, long service life.

Simulation ice can be used all year round and indoor and outdoor, completely independent of climate, temperature and other natural conditions of any restriction Installation in all kinds of cement, wood, asphalt and other level ground, fast installation, dismantling and installation of convenient operation process without refrigeration power consumption, zero emission, no pollution, the total investment is small, only about one-fifth of the man-made ice system for the comprehensive entry of the ice facilities in large and medium-sized primary and secondary schools and various types of sports facilities to create a solid foundation for the ice! It creates a solid foundation for ice sports facilities to enter universities, middle schools, primary schools and various sports venues. It is easy to maintain and can be recycled after use.

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