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Synthetic Ice Hockey Rink

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Synthetic ice hockey rink is mainly used for ball control and shooting practice, in a specific size range, very easy to practice Angle dribble, two-way movement.

Synthetic ice hockey rink is mainly made of composite PE material. The material is mainly lubricated, which is relatively smooth when playing.

Synthetic ice hockey rink protects expensive hockey sticks and can also play on the rough ground, which solves the scratch problem when practicing on the ground.

Synthetic ice hockey rink is a kind of high performance engineering plastic composite polyethylene HDPE, wear resistance, impact resistance, low friction coefficient, good self-lubrication effect, low temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, non-sticky, non-toxic, tasteless and odorless corrosion, requires smooth appearance, simple and easy to carry, a person can easily pick up and walk around.

Synthetic ice hockey rink

1. Flat surface with handle—- can be quickly lifted and placed.

2. Flat surface with handle rebound device—- rebound device provides a good ball control area for the practitioner, elastic belt can be adjusted according to the actual needs.

Product advantages:

1. Applicable to any ground inside or outside;

2. You can feel the real ice effect at home, shooting and passing the ball;

3. Carry easily and conveniently, there is a handle on the exercise board;

4. Protect the ground;

5. Protect your expensive clubs.

Now hockey is not only a sport that only appears on the screen, but also become a leisure item for everyone’s entertainment and fitness. It also helps everyone improve their body shape and posture and promotes their physical function. As long as everyone avoids the common mistakes of hockey in practice and grasps the action points, they can practice hockey skillfully.

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