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Synthetic Ice Boards

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You can enjoy the sport of skating, but without expensive and complex refrigeration equipment, no electricity and water bills, no cumbersome and complex maintenance, portable and suitable for all skaters. And in order to do that, we can only do it with synthetic ice boards.

Product use:

Ice hockey, figure skating, regular skating, goalie training, roller skating, basketball and other stadiums and commercial centers of large markets, but also as a dance, entertainment, carnival celebrations and other leisure activities of the colorful stage all can use synthetic ice boards to play.

The removable synthetic ice boards can be secured on any solid surface or other surface.

According to the installation instructions, after a simple treatment of the ground and the laying of protective film, the synthetic ice boards is laid flat on the ground, and the seamless combination can be.

The same goes for splits. The connection of the composite synthetic ice board is achieved through grooves. 

Edge panels can be integrated with guardrail. When all the synthetic ice boards are installed, you have a great ice rink. 

Mobile synthetic ice boards can meet the needs of primary and middle school students to learn ice and snow sports, and it is of great help to increase the popularity of ice and snow sports and promote the cultivation of reserve talents for ice and snow sports.

Mobile synthetic ice boards effectively solves the problem of ice and snow courses in schools and avoids the travel risk of students going out to practice, which is favored by students. At present, the snow and ice courses are still in the basic popularization stage. As the time matures, we will gradually promote the study of figure skating, speed skating and other events with the highest skills.

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