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Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

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Synthetic ice skating rink is developed with the improvement of people’s living standard, the popularization of ice sports and the progress of refrigeration technology. The world’s first ice rink, the Gluciarium, was built in London, England, in 1876. Soon, Sweden, the United States, Australia and other countries have built their own artificial skating rinks. To the twentieth century, the rapid development of ice sports, the world has thousands of synthetic ice skating rink, light ice performance of the ice rink has more than 1,000.

The German city of Dortmund has built a 200-square-meter synthetic ice skating rink for skating and sledding on a polymer track. The new material has low friction coefficient (friction coefficient 0.15 ~ 0.2, wet friction coefficient 0.05 ~ 0.09) and long wear resistance life. It can glide smoothly on the 600-meter-long plastic track and reach speeds of up to 110 kilometres.

Our Peliou synthetic ice skating rink Slot type skate board, the board body is a rectangular structure, in which the two adjacent sides of the board body are provided with convex edges, the other two sides of the board body are provided with slots, and a number of equidistant pin holes are arranged on the four sides.

Of the utility model has a skateboard card type structure, installation time by convex had connected into the adjacent plate bodies and use same material taper pin in the card slot, can realize the overall installation a skateboard, and greatly facilitate the installation of synthetic ice skating rink, reduce the labor intensity of the installation personnel, has the advantages of simple structure and convenient disassembly.

Through splicing structure, easy disassembly, secondary use and transportation.

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