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Synthetic ice rink: Reinventing the Winter’s 1th Gift-Filled and Challenging Sport

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Introduction of synthetic ice rink

Synthetic ice rink, also known as pe plastic ice rink, is strong, durable and impact-resistant features, the synthetic ice rink has become more and more popular among children and adults. It can be used on ice and snow ground in winter, which greatly improves the convenience of skating.

synthetic ice rink

The manufacturing process

The process of manufacturing synthetic ice rink includes steps such as plastic melting, mold forming, cutting, sanding, and coloring. This process requires a high degree of precision and quality control to ensure the quality of the final product.

Sports Performance and Characteristics

Synthetic ice rink boards inherits the sports characteristics of traditional ice skating, such as being able to skate at high speeds and make various skillful movements. In addition, due to UHMWPE plastic material, it performs well in cold and slippery environments, bringing great convenience to users. It not only maintains the passion and challenge of skater, but also reduces the problems caused by the limitation of skating venues.


For the maintenance of synthetic ice rink, you can generally clean them with a soft, damp cloth or use a sweeper for daily cleaning after each use.

synthetic ice rink sweeper

The use of the scene and the applicable population

Synthetic ice rink are suitable for a variety of scenarios, including parks, squares, streets, and even ice-covered outdoor venues. Whether you are a professional ice skaters, an amateur, or even a beginner, the synthetic ice rink can meet your needs. It is an all-around sports equipment, suitable for both sports challenges and leisure entertainment.

All in all,Peliou synthetic ice rink supports customization, easy installation and maintenance, and all other supporting facilities are available.

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