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How to choose synthetic ice self lubrication?

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With a lot of products pouring into this market, there is a problem that everyone faces, that is, it is very difficult to buy a suitable synthetic ice self lubrication , because you search for it from Google or various platforms, and there will be a lot of synthetic ice rinks Suppliers, if you consult them, each of them will tell you how perfect their products are and how cheap their prices are.

How should you decide which one to choose?Today I will introduce some professional knowledge to help you judge.

  1. Self-lubrication is not the only criterion for judging the quality of synthetic ice

Self lubrication is indeed a necessary condition for synthetic ice rink, but it is not the only criterion for judging whether the product is good or bad. The quality of the product depends on the manufacturing process of the product and the molecular weight of the raw materials.

2.synthetic ice rink detail

The quality of a product can often be seen from the details. For example, some synthetic ice will turn yellow and discolor after a period of use, and there will be burrs or flaws around each product. It is because of their raw material grade and processing shortcomings, which will greatly reduce the use effect of your product

3.synthetic ice rink’s Connection problem

With the innovation of technology, the embedded connection is the most scientific and popular one now, while the dovetail connection has slowly withdrawn from the stage. After verification of time, the dovetail connection will gradually become loose, and may be raised or separated when subjected to a strong force,This can create a very bad skating experience for the performer or the athlete,In addition, a large amount of dirt may be hidden in the cracks of this connection mode, which also causes great difficulties for the cleaning of synthetic Ice Rink.

These are the first three questions to pay attention to when choosing synthetic ice self lubrication to buy, do you remember?

If not, please don’t worry, welcome to Peliou, we will have the most professional staff to introduce you and provide you with all the help!

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