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Is this “ice” even possible?

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The Beijing Winter Olympics have ignited a passion for skating and more and more people are taking up the sport, but how do you build a rink where there is no snow?After all, ice sports are very demanding in terms of venue and weather. Some places such as the tropics have difficulty in getting snowy weather. That’s why simulated ice rinks are coming to the fore.

artificial ice rink

Whether indoors or outdoors, skating rinks made of polymer polyethylene sheets are a great choice.

High-molecular polyethylene with a very low coefficient of friction is the first to enter the ice simulation “track” in the form of synthetic sheets. It is low cost and fast to build, the investment is only about 1/4 of that of a real ice rink of the same size, there is basically no energy consumption except for lighting, and cleaning and maintenance is easier.

Peliou is committed to providing quality panels that create more possibilities for more people and more fun on “ice”.

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