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High quality Synthetic ice rink

Synthetic Ice rink 7160

Synthetic ice rink is made up of plastic sheets of polymer material spliced together, which is characterized by low cost and good practical performance. It is very suitable for use in places where real ice is used.

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artificial ice rink

Product details

 Unit Size 1m X1m OR  1m X2m   ,can connect at random to become samller or bigger 
 Molecular weight9.2 Million molecular weight 
  Water absorption<0.01%
Thickness 20MM or customized 
Material UHMWPE

Product Features

Extremely high impact strength

Excellent wear and abrasion resistance

Optimal sliding properties

Dimensional stability

Energy absorption capacity at high loading rates

Resistance against fatigue

Water repellent

Good chemical resistance

Excellent electrical and dielectric properties

Physiologically harmless

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